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Techno 2019



Techno2020 exhibition will not be held !

Due to the covid-19 situation in the country. Techno2020 exhibition will not be held this year. Stay alert for techno2021 for next year.


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    Why Visit Techno

    Why Visit Techno Sri Lanka? Why should you be here?

    New reality, new challenges: The old practice and technology is rapidly giving way to the new. The biggest showcase in Sri Lanka related to engineering and technology, Techno brings together the complete spectrum of solutions that powers the world. Featuring, not just products and services, but peerless smart inventive technologies that will take you to the next step of sustainable development.


    Techno Sri Lanka for long has been focused on relevance to its stakeholders by providing relevant showcasing of products, services and Technology. Techno during the past 3 decades has provided high quality sales opportunities and no other event brings together so many key decision makers in the span of three days. For stake holders in Engineering with high purchasing power seeking new products and services Techno is the venue like no other exhibition in Sri Lanka


    No other event bundle in as much Engineering Value as Techno Sri Lanka does.

    • Largest gathering of Engineering and Technology sector
    • Widest choice of products and services with latest Technology across the spectrum on display
    • Presence of global majors to small scale manufactures.
    • Previews of new and upcoming technology.
    • A place to explore investment opportunities
    • Knowledge sharing and career advancement through seminars.