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Techno 2019



Techno2020 exhibition will not be held !

Due to the covid-19 situation in the country. Techno2020 exhibition will not be held this year. Stay alert for techno2021 for next year.


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    Visitor Benefits

    What does Techno Sri Lanka offer to the visitors?


    • Best venue for engineering and technology trends
    • The most outstanding net working and learning experience
    • To witness top quality international industry sectors.
    • A high quality target audience for the fellow industry professionals.
    • Information about most cost effective and reliable means.
    • Direct personal access to leading technologies.
    • Opportunity to question, examine and compare.
    • New product and service launches with latest technology.
    • To update your knowledge on technologies innovations and the best practices.
    • New business opportunities by direct negotiation with exhibitors, senior decision makers.
    • B2B platform to share knowledge with local and foreign delegates and explore investment opportunities.
    • Discover new products from trendsetting market players