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    >techno 2020 Exhibition

    Techno Sri Lanka, the National Engineering and Technology exhibition and the annual flagship
    exhibition of “The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka” (IESL), the leading professional body
    representing Engineers of the nation that plays a major role in uplifting Engineering and
    technology excellence in Sri Lanka, will be taken place at BMICH from 16th to 18th October
    2020 for the 35th consecutive year on the professional theme of “Empower Engineers for a
    Smarter Sri Lanka”

    New reality, new challenges: The old practice and technology is rapidly giving way to the new.
    The biggest showcase in Sri Lanka related to engineering and technology, techno brings together
    the complete spectrum of solutions that powers the world. Featuring, not just products and
    services, but peerless smart inventive technologies that will take you to the next step of
    sustainable development.

    Techno Sri Lanka for long has been focused on relevance to its stakeholders by providing
    appropriate showcasing of products, services and Technology. During the past 3 decades, techno
    exhibitions has provided high quality sales opportunities and no other event brings together so
    many key decision makers together in the span of three days.
    No other event bundle in as much Engineering Value as techno Sri Lanka does.

    • Largest gathering of Engineering and Technology sector
      • Widest choice of products and services with latest Technology across the spectrum on
      • Presence of global majors to small scale manufactures.
      • Previews of new and upcoming technology.
      • A place to explore investment opportunities
      • Knowledge sharing and career advancement through seminars.

    Exhibitors representing relevant professional businesses and organizations and sponsors from
    industries and businesses that are peripheral and complementing the professional fields are
    invited to participate and display their achievements and accomplishments and also products and
    services at techno exhibitions. As always, techno exhibitions gather national and international
    professionals and academia members from Engineering and other related fields and the industries
    around the country and the world, while offering an outstanding platform to display their
    achievements in the fields of Engineering and Technology to National and International audience
    and their stakeholders. Also it provides an opportunity for our own Engineers, Academics,
    Entrepreneurs and Industries to operate as an education and exhibition space to foster exchange
    of knowledge and ideas between Engineers, Students and other visitors by showcasing
    interactive displays, exploring a range of their achievements in various fields, such as
    Hydropower, Aerospace Engineering and Technology, Energy, Environment and etc
    The world is changing; engineers are in forefront of this change. Expectations are very high in
    today’s society. Considering these facts techno Sri Lanka has redefined its Theme for the year
    2020, as to ‘Empower Engineers for a Smarter Sri Lanka” aiming to meet the expectations of
    all stakeholders by reaching to aspirations such as;

    • Empower our engineers to accelerate the efforts of every industry, business and
      government organizations to modernize its modern engineering and technology efforts to
      build a good engineering platform for the economy, governance and society of the
      country and to lead and lead a nation-wide movement powered by a society of technically
      savvy citizens and communities.
    • Enhance the expected developments in all areas of engineering and take greater
      opportunity for Sri Lanka to develop our strengths, overcome our national challenges,
      overcome physical constraints and develop new sources of comparative advantage.
    • Accelerate modernized engineering and technical efforts to identify areas of engineering
      consultancy, program / project management and comprehensive planning services for
      residential, commercial and industrial development projects as well as roads, water and
      sewerage infrastructure projects by empowered engineers of the national movement