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    The Institution of Engineers

    The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka is the successor to the ‘Engineering Association of Ceylon’, which was founded in 1906.  In 1968, the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka was made an incorporated body of the government, by an Act of Parliament.  The IESL being the Apex body for engineering professionals in Sri Lanka, having a membership of more than 20,000, is called upon to represent the profession at many national forums and contribute to national development. By virtue of agreements it has entered into with the International Engineers’ Alliance (IEA) for mutual recognition of competencies, members assessed to have such competencies by IESL are eligible to practice engineering in the member countries including Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Pakistan, India, USA,  Canada and South Korea.

    IESL with the Vision to be among the leading professional institutions of engineering and technology in the world, has Missioned Techno Sri Lanka’s for “Bringing out and Unleashing the Country’s Multi – Disciplinary Engineering Talents, to Drive Sri Lanka into Technological Excellence for Revolutionary Uplifting of Peoples’ Living Conditions and Prosperity”.  Engineers are driven by passion to look beyond the regular, push borders and create the impossible.  This is also reflective of the fact that Engineers over centuries are really innovators, who think beyond the realm and invent solutions for mankind, ahead of their time.  That’s what engineering is all about and it’s the reason Engineers will always be the ingenious inventors and imaginative innovators throughout time.