Message from the Chairman, – TECHNO

Message from the Chairman, Techno2023

I take immense honor in announcing that “Techno Sri Lanka”, the National Engineering &
Technology Exhibition organized by the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL) will be held
for the 35
th year, with the primary focus on its mission to uplift the living conditions of Sri
Lankans and promote prosperity in the country through ingenuity and technology.
“Techno Sri Lanka”, exhibition is not only the most celebrated and important annual event
organized by The IESL but is the most attended technical exhibitions in the Country. In its
early days, showcasing only as an Electro-Mechanical Exhibition in 1985, today it has
expanded to all disciplines of engineering. Leveraging the cream of the resources from both
local and international exhibitors, “Techno Sri Lanka”, is the hub of information for not only
engineers but also the general public to expand their knowledge about the latest
technological advances, innovations and historical milestones in the engineering field.
It was unfortunate that due to the adversities brought on due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and
economic crisis of the Country this mammoth event was withheld for the past 3 years.
Therefore I believe that the year 2023 will be a milestone year for “Techno Sri Lanka” as it
will be reignited, attracting its usual massive multitude of crowds and stakeholders. In all of
its history dating over 34 years, the impact the Exhibition has had on the society, I believe, is
best reflected in how positively it is received by the Public. These include Engineers,
Industrialists, Engineering Academic Professionals, Engineering undergraduates, Architects,
Quantity Surveyors, school children, Policy makers and public. This is largely due to the fact
that this exhibition not only provides a platform for exhibitors to showcase their latest
products and services, thereby assisting them to establish new business contacts with
related business communities, but the public is given an opportunity for live interaction with
practicing industry professionals and get solutions to their day to day Engineering problems.
The participants are also able to attend any Knowledge sharing sessions on current
Engineering Projects and Technologies which is not commonly available to the public,
bridging the gap between the public and Engineering. It is also the ideal platform for both
emerging and well-established organizations to promote their image. Since IESL intends to
invite our Foreign Chapters for this time, we presume that foreign business communities in
addition to local business communities will also be partaking, thereby elevating this event to
an international exhibition.
The current issues faced by the country are very complex in nature and hence there is no
doubt that inputs of Engineers are required to formulate new strategies to regain the
economy. It is no secret that the economy of the country is closely related to engineering
activities too. Therefore, recognizing the crucial role Engineers play in inspiring;
collaborating and being innovative in all their endeavors to ensure that the economy is
recovered soon to an acceptable level, this year’s theme for “Techno 2023” is “Engineering
for Regaining the Economy”.
I wish all the best to all sponsors, stall holders, students and all visitors and hope they yield
the most out of this rare opportunity to the benefit of themselves and their associates.
Prof. Ranjith Dissanayake
President Elect/ Chairman, Techno 2023
The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka