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Techno 2019



Techno2020 exhibition will not be held !

Due to the covid-19 situation in the country. Techno2020 exhibition will not be held this year. Stay alert for techno2021 for next year.


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    Exhibitor Benefits

    Exhibitor Benefits

    • Participate in a focused and exclusive event that captures wide attention
    • Unmatched opportunities to position your company as an innovative technology thought-leader
    • Accomplish more with less time out of the office with this concentrated 3 day event
    • Bench mark against the best in the country and the world
    • To generate sales – via a target audience of industry who will visit you as buyers.
    • Face to face personal contacts with the industry.
    • Strong brand building environment (demonstrations/ seminars/ sponsorships).
    • Platform to launch new products and find sales agents or distributors in new markets.
    • Ability to evaluate and check quality through competition.
    • To generate media interaction.
    • To reduce dependency on traditional markets and to look for newer markets with future industry trends.
    • To show case your strength and capabilities in large and to come across mergers, joint venture and investments.
    • Find new clients and associates at exclusive meeting with top engineering professionals
    • Promote your brand directly to thousands of high – end knowledge professionals