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Techno 2019



Techno2020 exhibition will not be held !

Due to the covid-19 situation in the country. Techno2020 exhibition will not be held this year. Stay alert for techno2021 for next year.


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    >Chairman Message
    techno 2019 11th to 13th October 2019

    Message from the techno Chairman

    “techno” exhibition is the most celebrated and important annual event organized by The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka. Commencing only as an Electro-Mechanical Exhibition in 1985, today “techno” has expanded to all disciplines of engineering, providing an opportunity for not only engineers but also the general public to take a glimpse at the latest technological advances and historical milestones in the engineering field.

    The theme for the “techno 2019” exhibition is “Innovative Engineering towards Sustainable Sri Lanka”. Today, the current issues faced by us are very complex in nature and hence there is no doubt that Engineering need to be innovative. Development of the country in a sustainable manner is closely related to innovative engineering. This is evident as sustainable development directly depends on the appropriate and timely actions initiated by the engineers. Therefore engineers have a crucial role to play in inspiring, collaborating and being creative in all their endeavours to make sure that the country is properly guided in its efforts towards sustainable development.

    “techno 2019” provides a theatre for us to showcase our innovations and inventions through which we can make our country and the world at large a better place for all the inhabitants. Engineers have the key to unlock the door to a greener world where our future is secure and sustainable.

    “techno 2019” is not only an exhibition where you get to witness the latest advances in the engineering field but also is a stage where local talents are duly recognized. There will be awards for the best stalls under different categories and for innovative thinking exhibited by our school children. In addition, raffle draws are organized with exciting prizes every day throughout the duration of the exhibition.

    Although techno is where the key players in the engineering field get together, there is so much space for newcomers as well to explore. We believe that our prestigious exhibitors will put up an spectacular show of their innovative products and services where visitors can get a unique experience and enhance their knowledge of engineering. “techno 2019” is an open arena where everyone including the general public, engineering professionals, academics, researchers, innovators, technicians and students can benefit and enjoy the most in a golden environment.

    I wish all the best to all sponsors, stall holders, students and all visitors and hope they can utilize this occasion to the benefit of themselves and their associates.