Mechanical Engineering Sectional Committee Activities at the TECHNO Sri Lanka 2016

MESC exhibits three important areas under the theme called TIE (Transportation, Innovation & Energy) at the TECHNO Sri Lanka 2016.

Public Transportation - Current & Important Topic

Does roads jam packed with all the modern vehicles means a developed nation. NO In a Developed nation, all the citizens must be capable of using public transportation which reduces,
  • Consumption of hydrocarbons and reduce the environment impact/pollution
  • Save nations wealth
  • More over reduce the stress due to driving and increase the life span of a human
  • Save money
  • Frequency of accidents as the number of drivers are reduced markedly
Come visit IESL MECH and find out how much saving could be made to yourself and the country by using public transportation.

Innovation - Driving Topic

"Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity" by Michael Porter We as a nation always crumble on lack of innovation, though there are plenty of innovators among us. Witness it by yourselves by visiting IESL MESC stall for the achievements made by innovators and you all are most welcome to venture them.

Energy - Focus on Farmers

Sri Lankan culture is primarily based on agriculture giving prominence to paddy farming though there has not being significant help from the community to uplift the quality of the product with minimum cost input. MESC unanimously decided to invent a paddy drying machine which could be operated with minimum cost using material easily available in the environment (wood etc.). Don't forget to visit MESC stall as if so you would miss this opportunity.

MECH Clinic by MESC - For the First time at the IESL TECHNO Sri Lanka 2016

It is a brainchild of the IESL Mechanical Engineering Sectional Committee (MESC). MECH Clinic will be located inside the IESL Engineering Pavilion. We as employers, employees, entrepreneurs and citizens of a progressive nation have to understand how to get things done scientifically & productively. Visitors of TECHNO Sri Lanka 2016 are cordially invited to visit the clinic and get expert advice from Engineers.

MECH Clinic focuses on three important areas to deliver know-how to the masses on those areas:

1. Welding clinic - do it right first time - avoid disasters

  • a. How to select welding equipment and consumable to match a situation
  • b. How to ensure Safety
  • c. Q&A session on day to day issues pertaining to work
  • d. Introduction to job opportunities

2. Corrosion prevention - protect your investment (high rise steel buildings, etc.)

  • a. How to prevent corrosion
  • b. How to paint corroded surfaces and new surfaces

3. Car Maintenance - extend lifetime and save your money

  • a. How to maintain a vehicle with minimum expenditure and
  • b. Car Maintenance Handbook